MatchingLink has been nominated for the Accenture Innovation Awards. This is an annual repeating  contest for the most innovative Dutch products, services and concepts. The awards are handed out to acknowledge new innovative concepts in the Dutch market. All nominees have in common that they use smart technology to address a certain problem or to make life easier.

MatchingLink was nominated for the Accenture Innovation Award because it provides easy and transparent access to Liability Driven Investment management and reporting. It combines industry knowledge with high quality calculations and workflow management on a single platform. That way it enables all users, across multiple organizations and department, to find the information they need and collaborate and communicate effectively. This saves time for expensive specialists and the automation of certain tasks prevents costly mistakes. Also the misunderstanding in allocating assets and risks is reduced by the communication and fast availability of information. In short, MatchingLink offers an integrated and secure solution in an innovative way.