At Matchinglink we have a unique blend of developers, AI engineers and asset management consultants. Together, we deliver solutions that truly make a difference. Meet our management team below.

Eric Pieper


Matchinglink provides a the full suite of software solutions & consulting services for asset managers and pension funds of the future. We deliver on your expectations. Simple.

Joris Heijting

CFO & Founder

Across financial services, analytics, data and digital applications are cutting out intermediaries, compressing value chains, stripping out costs and ripping up assumptions. And now it’s asset management’s turn on the chopping block.

Marco Blauwhof


Separate technological innovations have emerged that are now coming together to create a new way to run investments.

Francesco Vaglienti

Head of AI

AI is proving better at optimizing portfolios than experts and is proving better at finding trading opportunities. Like in flash-trading, the expert will always be there, but in a much-changed role and capacity.

Alex de Waal

Head of business development

Today, fees are under relentless pressure. From fiduciary and index-tracker to LDI, there’s no place to hide. Clients demand lower costs along with high performance.

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