Executive Asset Manager

Matchinglink offers a unique tool for managing your investment process. Your investment cycle will be visualized, all documentation is in one overview, and there’s a clear audit trail for each decision. It has never been easier to be fully in control.

NPC Analyzer

The new pension contract sets new demands for:

  • investment strategy
  • asset mixes that fit different participants
  • integration of participant risk appetite into the investment process.

MatchingLink offers an AI based analysis of every choice and decision pensionfund boards face, with a full overview of consequences, results and possibilities.

Portfolio Management

With our portfolio management solutions, managing your assets will be easier than ever. Even for smaller pension funds, managing LDI, Mortgage, Credits, Alternative Loans or full Matching portfolio becomes simpler and more cost effective. For more information read more under Asset Management Solutions.

(FTK) Reporting Manager

Assess the status of all your asset classes and all your asset managers by using the raw data of holdings and loans. The reporting manager will calculate every metric you need. Create in-depth insights in your asset portfolio. Apply scenario’s the way you need.

Building on our data logistics platform we have also realized a dedicated solution to create all FTK K- and J- Reports in seconds. With high, repeatable quality including bespoke variations per client. First time right. No headaches