Fiduciary Management

Matchinglink has developed a variety of solutions for Fiduciairy Managers of the future. Fiduciairy management no longer has to be a labour intensive process. It can be scalable, of higher quality, with lower costs.

Fiduciary Advisor

The Fiduciary advisor supports strategic decision making, showing results of intended strategies, consequences for different participants and fast AI driven calculation of alternatives.

Fiduciary Reporting Manager

Integrate all mandates from all managers in one overview, with all the checks and balances you need. Have better insights for all your clients by automatically creating bespoke reports. It's simple

Rebalancing Manager

Rebalancing has never been easy. Up till now. A flexible, smart system collects positions, calculates allocations, considers risk factors and tailors rebalancing to your very needs. (Coming soon)

Fx Overlay Optimizer

Are you providing FX hedges to clients? As an overlay service? We understand the challenges in this specialist field, whether it is exposure calculation, execution processes, activity logging, transparency demands. Our Currency Overlay Tooling can help you with all of these by taking care of the daily repetitive tasks for you. It enables you to focus on the expert judgement and value added parts of currency hedging. It's Simple.

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Executive Asset Manager

MatchingLink offers a unique tool for registering fiduciary activity. The tool offers:

  • All participants to be on one platform
  • All tasks, meetings and decisions to be in one location
  • Complete oversight from a regulatory perspective.


With our state of the art solutions, Reporting is no longer a burdensome activity. Instead, Reporting will be scalable, fully in control, flexible, integrated with your IT infrastructure, at lower costs.

Reporting Manager

With the Reporting Manager, you create an end-to-end, scalable Reporting process. We solve your datalogistics and data management issues, so you can focus on creating reports exactly the way you and your clients need.  It's that simple

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FTK Reporting Manager

Building on our data logistics platform we have realized a dedicated solution to create all FTK K- and J- Reports in seconds. With high, repeatable quality including bespoke variations per client. First time right. No headaches

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Portfolio Management

With our portfolio management solutions, managing your assets will never be the same. The AI algorithms facilitate portfolio managers to create outstanding results. The solutions are seamlessly integrated in your IT infrastructure, allowing you to be fully in control at lower costs.

Matching Optimizer

Manage your Matching portfolio management process end-to-end and optimize your Matching asset mix being fully in control and at a lower cost. Gain more insights by easily including bonds, swaps, credits, mortgages or any other instrument you prefer in your matching portfolio.

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LDI Optimizer

Whether you would like to optimize risk, yield, transactions cost or ESG score, our best in class LDI solution you can do all that, being in control and at lower cost. After easy integration in your existing IT landscape, you can manage LDI portfolio exactly the way you and your clients want it.

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Mortgage Manager

If you need an independent view on your mortgage portfolios, there's no better solution than our Mortgage Manager. Each loan is invidivually valued at any given moment in time. Create any insight you like, using our integrated powerBi Solution. Use your own scenarios to make the best portfolio management decisions.

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Credit Optimizer

Managing credits has never been easier. With our end-to-end solution you are fully in control when it comes to optimizing your credit portfolio. (Coming soon)

Alternative Loan Optimizer

Managing Alternative loans requires special skills. Our solution facilitates your portfolio managers in a unique way, at lower costs, fully in control and with more insights. (Coming soon)

Data Logistics

Data is the fuel of this century. With everything being digitized, the importance of sound and auditable data management is key. We call this: data logistics. You will have access to data that will pass your completeness, timeliness and accuracy tests at any given moment, based on your quality standards and automatically.

Asset Management is all about data logistics. Having the data in place will result in beter decisions, with dramatically lower effort, at lower costs.

Data logistics manager

Managing your datastreams' is what our Logistics manager does. Combine internal data and external data in any way you want. It uses end-to-end processes and a rigid versioning mechanism to be fully in control.

Data validation manager

Define your data quality standards any way you like as detailed as you like. Improve accuracy, timeliness and completeness, both on individual and combined datasets. It's simple.

Data governance manager

Data governance without lengthy policies and data delivery contracts. Define datasources, distribution channels, quality standards for each internal or external party, with instant quality reports and quality reviews over time. (Coming soon)