Data import & export

It starts with data

We have constructed a framework for data harvesting from multiple sources and formats. This way we can combine your data for enhanced analysis and calculation purposes. Your truth is our truth.

  • connect to multiple sources
  • enhanced analysis and calculations
  • your truth is our truth

Experience our flexible layer approach

Easy and agile start

You can already start with our tooling by simply dragging and dropping popular data formats. Careful analysis of the data format is still necessary, but after that analysis, you can be on your way quickly. Smart data validation and multiple approval cycles can be incorporated, so your data quality is protected.

Replace repeated data gathering tasks with automatic data harvest

After the agile start, we replace your data gathering process with an automatic connection to your data sources. The smart data validations can stay in place or be adjusted to the new workflow with the implemented connectivity.

API Connect

Our api supports familiar tools and systems in the industry. Your data warehouse, golden copy or single source of truth stay as they are and keep their function. ML software wraps around it like a blanket enhancing your analysis and client servicing capabilities.


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