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MatchingLink is a Fintech scale up that provides software to analyse and manage complex portfolios. Investments linked to liabilities and hedging, require complex calculations and involve many stakeholders. In addition, they are subject to local specific regulations. Existing systems provide only part of the functionality and often require additional calculations. This makes the investment process vulnerable and also challenging from a control perspective.

MatchingLink has developed a platform that operates as a flexible layer, communicating with existing systems. This platform includes a powerful calculation engine, big data storage and analysis as well as a flexible workflow solution. The platform uses the newest techniques for subjects like data storage, system deployment and automatic connections (API’s) to other systems. With this platform in place, our clients can run on the fly simulations and implement Artificial Intelligence into their business process.




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Joris Heijting

Managing Partner & Founder


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Friso Postma

Managing Partner & Founder


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Marco Blauwhof

Chief Technology Officer


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Calmer Roos



Pascal Haakmat



Paulien van Hemmen

Design to win

Office in the dotslash start-up building

Here what dotslash says about the building and the community:

"Dotslash ( ./ ) is a co-working and ideating community designed to inspire start-ups and scale-ups in the Utrecht area. Our name is based on a standard computer command that indicates a starting point, and your current position. When combined with a name or action after the slash, it becomes a starting command."

We believe it is the best place to grow our business. And to create a happy, creative, productive and ambitious working environment.



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